Our highly-trained staff come from many different countries and speak many languages.
What unifies us is our commitment to education and our belief in playful learning.

Leadership team

Camilla Uhre Fog

Head of School

Charlotte N. Andersen

Deputy Head of School

IB and department coordinators

Ruth Hesseldal

Kindergarten Coordinator

Karen Serritslev

PYP Coordinator

Tue Rabenhøj

MYP Coordinator & IS


Tine Froberg


Regina Rasmussen

Admissions Officer

Anna Lammert-Josefsen

Administration Officer

Dorte Daniel

Salary and Accounting Manager

Sidsel N. Overgaard

Sr. Communications Manager

Sille Aarlit Jensen

Communications Manager


Bent M. Pedersen


Genadij Simonait

Assistant Caretaker

Metteline Rasmussen


Majken Skov Hansen

Library assistant

Kindergarten staff

Lena Christiansen

K1A Homeroom teacher

Jayne Egsgaard

K1A Class teacher

Irene S. Andersen

K1B Homeroom teacher

Trine Athawes

K1B Class teacher

Jette Hansen

K1C Homeroom teacher

Dorthe Hansen

K1C Class teacher

Sína Emilsdottír

K1D Homeroom teacher

Britta Jensen

K1D Class teacher

Marina B. Barbón

K2A Homeroom teacher

Adriana Kilian Hejltoft

K2A Class teacher

Supha Thangson

K2B Homeroom teacher

June R. Jessen

K2B Class teacher

Louise C. Themsen

K2 Support teacher

Nelli Kormos

Kindergarten After School Club coordinator

Vivi Brink

After School Club

Lydia Sørensen

After School Club

Erasmus Adamonis

After School Club

Farah S. Rasmussen


Ramona Sadoveac

After School Club

Adam Zubrický

After School Club

Primary School staff

Gabriela Salas Davila

P1A teacher

Tetiana Simonait

P1A teacher

Gayle Hogan

P1B teacher

Jessica Dreyer

P1B teacher

Alexandra Silva

P2A teacher

Tyler Nicole Todd

P2A teacher

Saskia Blajet

P2B teacher

Rachel Palmer

P3A teacher

Ruta Gram

P3A teacher

Emily Young

P3B teacher

Rachel Farrow

P3B teacher

Athina Ntoulia

P4A teacher

Ashley Dobroszek

P4A teacher

Sorina Mutu Donos

P4B teacher

Jason Yelland

P4B teacher

Jenna Madsen

P5A teacher

Dan Serritslev

P5A teacher

Louise Gram

P5B teacher

Mette Nielsen

PYP Well-being

Rebecca Juel

SpLD - Special Learning Differences

Jess Lawrie

EAL - English as an Additional Language

Rikke B. Thesbjerg


Anita Hjorth Volkmann


Astrid K. McCartan


Tina Sørensen


Ann Britt Due Madsen

Danish & Music

Villy Carstens

Music & After School Club

Laura Contance


Lorraine Pedersen


Yusri Hassim


Kathrin Schaller


Lisbeth Utoft

After School Club coordinator

Tijana Grujic

After School Club & teaching support

Dennis Tsamis

After School Club & teaching support

Simone Isaksen

After School Club & teaching support

Anette R. Andersson

After School Club & teaching support

Penille Dyhrberg

After School Club

Lærke Berdiin Jensen

After School Club

Lene Bødker

After School Club & teaching support

Middle School staff

Sona Shirvanyan

M1A & German

Lisbeth Fangel-Lloyd

M1B & EAL coordinator

Charlotte Blaehr

M2, English & Book Clubs

Sofia Karlsson

M3A, Maths & Science

Mette Gram Pedersen

M3B & Danish

Awanti Seth Rabenhøj

M4, Arts & Personal Project

Merete V. Jørgensen

M5 & Maths

Elsebeth B. Thomsen


William Henebry


Carmela Kristensen


Lene Christensen


Marc Thorup

Danish acquisition

Ole Stahlfest

Science & Design

Megan Baldwin

Maths & Design

Mario Casas

Spanish & Music

Kara Lochridge


Karli Winters


Liviu Sadoveac


Maja Milisavljevic


Kitchen staff

Dorte Schmidt

Chef de Cuisine

Linda Lauridsen

Chef de Cuisine

Lone Therkelsen

Kitchen helper

Majken Hansen

Kitchen helper

Susanne Stustad

Kitchen helper

James Dimech

Kitchen helper

On maternity leave

Sarah Sørensen

Kindergarten teacher

Tove Villumsen

Kindergarten teacher

Helena Andersen

Kindergarten teacher

Victoria Dalgaard

MYP teacher

My Phuong Hoáng

Kindergarten teacher