Holiday Care

We expect all students to hold a minimum of four weeks of holiday per year – with two weeks held consecutively during the summer holidays.  While we understand families may need to travel outside of school holidays on occasion, we encourage parents to plan trips in alignment with the holiday calendar as much as possible.  Otherwise, during school holidays we offer care as follows:

Kindergarten Holiday Care

Kindergarten Holiday Care is offered in week 42, week 7, all six weeks of the summer holiday, professional development days, and some days during the Christmas and Easter breaks. It is intended for students whose parents are both working. Due to a difference in how fees are structured, Holiday Care is free for Kindergarten students except during the central four weeks of summer (weeks 28-31).  At that time, the cost is DKK 153/ child/ day (no sibling discount), DKK 306/ child/ two days, DKK 459/ child/ three days or DKK 610/ child/ week . Students must bring their own lunch during Holiday Care.

Primary Holiday Care

Holiday Care is offered for P1-P5 in week 42, week 7, and in four out of the six weeks of summer holiday.  The cost, at all times, is DKK 610/ child/ week or DKK 153/ child/ day (no sibling discount). Students must bring their own lunch during Holiday Care.

More information can be found in the Parents’ Handbook.

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