Play. Learn.

By placing PLAY at the heart of education, ISB stimulates every child's natural desire to LEARN.

ISB expands – again!

In 2013 the international school in Billund opened its doors for 60 students. Since then, ISB has grown, and today there are 450 students – and many on the waiting list. Next week the school celebrates its 10th school year, and a part of the celebration will be the news of the expansion from 2 to 3 classes per grade level, over the next number of years.

Shaping and sharing a
pedagogy of play

Together with our partners from Project Zero, ISB teachers are investigating what it means to put play at the heart of education.

glue gun children's drawing

We are an
IB World School

ISB's playful curriculum is built upon the rigorous educational framework of the International Baccalaureate.

globe children's drawing
book children's drawing