All ISB staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR, and children in Denmark are covered by public health and dental programmes.


It is important that parents keep their children home in the case of illness to avoid further spread of contagious disease.  This document provides an overview of some of the most common childhood illnesses, along with information about when it is safe for children to return to school.

Health care practitioner

ISB students are covered by Billund municipality’s health care programme for children.  As such, every second Friday, ISB’s school health care practitioner will administer pre-scheduled health check-ups as well as consultation on general health issues.  The schedule is as follows:

  • P1: Health counselling and screenings – test of sight, colour vision, hearing, weight, and height. Parents participate.
  • P2: Weight and height
  • P4: Health conversation, individual or in groups. Weight and height
  • M2: Health conversation, individual. Test of sight, weight, and height
  • M4: Health conversation, individual. Test of sight, hearing, weight, and height

Parents with questions are welcome to contact ISB’s health care practitioner, Lene Zabel Nielsen, at [email protected]


In Denmark, dental care is free for children under 18 years of age through school dentists in their home municipalities.  This means that students living in Billund will have check-ups at the Billund public school dental clinic, while students living in other municipalities will have check-ups at clinics near their own homes.  Within one to two months after moving to Denmark, children will be called in for an appointment via a letter sent to their parents’ e-Boks (Denmark’s electronic mail system).