Where are you right now?
At home, actually! [Corona lockdown.] But I go to IB in Kolding.

How’s it been?
It’s been good! It’s, of course, sort of new at the beginning—new friends and everything. But the system is really similar to ISB so it’s not too difficult to get used to it. ISB has high standards, so we could go to the Diploma Programme not feeling too scared. But one class, chemistry, I notice is a totally different thing.  We had science before, but we collaborated with all of them. Now that I’m focusing just on chemistry, it’s a big step, but I’m getting through it.

What did you learn at ISB that’s been most helpful to you this year?
The personal project was quite a massive help because you got an understanding of how you have to hand in tasks in time, different units, topics…I think it was probably one of the most helpful things. I felt like I was prepared for what was going to happen, or what could happen.

How has your view of ISB changed since you’ve left?
I really miss it. One thing that’s maybe changed is now realizing it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going through it! But it really got me somewhere—so I’m here now, right?  In the IB system.  But I miss the people, I miss the teachers. I miss that sort of environment. Because here at IB it’s not as close, and the teachers and students aren’t as close either, so I miss that atmosphere.

What’s been useful in getting to know new people? Any tricks you can share?
I don’t know too many tricks (laughs), but I guess it’s just not being scared to have a conversation. Making sure you talk to people. ‘Cause if you don’t take the initiative, most other people won’t.

You’ve only got a year and a half left, which is crazy! Do you know what you will do after?
I’m still really open-minded about it, but I’m thinking of taking a gap year so I can get to know myself better because I still don’t know what I want to be in the future. I have been thinking about doing the army service, because in Finland the army service is quite a big thing. All guys have to do it, with a Finnish passport, and women have the choice. I’ve been wanting to do it a while. But we’ll see when we get there!