Where are you these days?
I am currently attending IB at Kolding Gymnasium. I started an STX course (Danish gymnasium) but quickly figured that it wasn’t something for me!

What was it like to make the transition into a new environment?
When I switched to the STX I found the transition very difficult – I didn’t know anyone, and after being in an IB school I had quite some high standards for the teaching 😉 When changing to an IB course again I had no trouble with the transition.

What did you carry with you from ISB that has been the most valuable so far?
I could make a really long list! ISB teaches you many useful tools for studying but also being kind to new people. All of which has been super beneficial now.

What has been challenging?
Time management in the “real world” was a challenge at first. Many of my friends and I were super stressed. But we have all learned to manage the things we want to get done, while still taking care of school. Using calendars and planners really helps. Also, for me, spending time in the stable with my horses is super important, so I had to learn to prioritise.

How has your thinking about your own future changed since last year?
My plan was to do the three year course at STX. Now that I’m doing the two-year DP, I’ll be graduating at quite a young age. So my new “plan” is just to take some time off and have fun with friends!

What advice do you have for the current M5’s?
Manage. Your. Time. Please be as effective as possible in the given classes, and you can almost make it through without spending much time working at home! Please also remember active breaks: go for a walk as you think things through to get a new perspective.