Where are you these days?
I’m attending a music boarding school called Mellerup Efterskole, which is located about 15 km from Randers.

Why did you decide to do that this year?
I decided to sign up to Mellerup Efterskole because I first of all found music to be a passion I wanted to pursue on a higher level than what I was able to do at other boarding schools or gymnasiums. I also saw this as a chance to meet a lot of people who were interested in the same as me, and also to have a year where I had time to socialise and experience a little more freedom in terms of schooling.

What was it like to make the transition from ISB into a new environment?
It was weird to transition from ISB to a new environment. New people, new system, new teachers. Everything was new and it was really interesting, but also something I had to get used to. It was strange having to create new routines, but I quickly felt comfortable at my new school. It was challenging but the teachers also had a lot of understanding for the fact that it took some time for me to fully understand what was going on.

What did you carry with you from ISB that’s been the most valuable?
The most valuable thing that I have carried with me from ISB is the overall work ethics. I am really pleased that I  developed such strong work ethics at ISB: it helped me getting started at efterskole and I felt like I wasn’t missing anything.

What do you miss the most from ISB?
I miss the teachers! I miss the kitchen ladies! I miss my class!

What advice do you have for the current M5s?
Keep going! It might feel like everything sucks sometimes, and maybe it does, but everything gets more fun from here. Also make the best out of it. It is a stressful year, but it is also what you make it to be, so have fun with it.

Any messages for your old teachers?
Big love. Hope you’re all doing great! I’ll come visit I promise 🙂