Where are you these days?
I am at Eisbjerghus efterskole in Nørre Åby – 30 minutes away from Odense. The main focus at my efterskole is international exchanges, so we have partnerships with schools in Asia and Southern Europe – for example Hungary, Spain, South Korea, China and Japan. The exchanges work by us visiting them and learning their culture – and them visiting us to learn about Danish culture.

What was it like to make the transition from ISB into a new environment?
The transition to efterskole was easy for me because ISB was a very culturally open environment.

What part of the transition have you found the most challenging?
Meeting new people was a little challenging since I was at ISB for 10 years! Learning how to be around new people and create new relationships so quickly has been the most challenging thing for me.

What did you carry with you from ISB that’s been the most valuable?
What has been the most valuable that I carry with me from ISB is a cultural insight. I feel that my ability to adapt to new cultures is thanks to the way we were taught about world perspectives and how to communicate thoughts and expressions in a way that is culturally understood by everybody.

What do you miss the most?
I miss seeing my old classmates – I really miss that! I miss going to the office, I miss Sofia and Charlotte, Paul and Liviu – all my teachers! I miss all of them! Them being happy – and still preparing us for the exams in a way – that was so valuable. I just really miss the culture at ISB.

Now that you’ve been out in the “real” world for a while, how has your view of ISB changed?
ISB was challenging, I recognize that, and I also think it gave me a better education than I could have hoped for. I am really glad that I went to ISB, even though it was challenging at times.The grading can be tough, but it also prepares you for being graded in the future.

How has your thinking about your own future changed since this time last year?
Last year, I thought I was going to go to Kolding Gymnasium like most of my classmates, but now I am leaning towards doing an exchange-year in Spain. I really enjoyed my time in Spain with the efterskole. It made me more open to other opportunities, and also made me recognize what I can do!

What advice do you have for the current M5s?
I don’t know if I have any advice.. Don’t set your social life on pause! It is very important that you have a release – and you need time to focus on you.

Any messages for your old school?
I miss you and I love you – and thank you for everything!