Where are you these days?

I study at a technical gymnasium in Vejle—meaning that it’s a lot of science subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, and so on.

What did you carry with you from ISB that’s been the most valuable?

I learned a lot from ISB.  Generally with schooling I’m at the same level as anyone else, or above.  But I feel like a lot of things you’re taught at ISB, like the learner profile, are things that are going to be with you for a long time.  The thing about being open minded to new things and new people has helped me fit into this new environment.

Now that you’ve been out in the “real” world, how has your view of ISB changed?

In some ways I feel like we were…different from normal Danish schools.  It’s common for some people in Danish schools to get tired pretty easily and not want to be there.  I feel like at ISB people are pretty happy about school.  And that’s a big part of ISB—being happy and just having a generally good time.  Also I liked how everything was still developing. We were a part of shaping ISB, and that’s really cool.

How has your thinking about your own future changed since this time last year? 

I’ve made the choice to go to technical gymnasium, so I’ve narrowed down the path that I’m able to take in life.  But for me that’s not a bad thing. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I feel like I know what I’m good at and what I’m interested in.  And those subjects are the ones I’m choosing to do now.  Having to do them more–that’s great. I like that.

What advice do you have for the current M5s?

Just cherish the time you’ve got together, because soon you’ll be split up. You’re all going to live different lives…or maybe you’re going to stay together, I don’t know.  But the time you have now will never come back, so just cherish it and have fun.