Where are you these days?

I am going to school in Kolding Gymnasium – continuing the IB life.

What was it like to make the transition into a new environment?

The transition at the beginning was somewhat challenging due to the fact that ISB didn’t have too many people – you just knew everyone. Here, there are so many people that I didn’t know who was in my class until a few months into school.

What did you carry with you from ISB that has been the most valuable so far?

I think everything I’ve done in ISB essentially became a part of me that everyone around me can see. It has taught me how to be caring, a risk-taker, open-minded and playful whilst being disciplined, which helps a lot in this school.

What part of the transition have you found the most challenging?

I think that one of the most challenging parts of the transition was to get used to the assignment system in this school. In ISB, the teachers told us what to do when, and didn’t give us that many assignments that needed to be done at home. In this school, I need to be planning how I am going to use my free time to do everything that I am supposed to do. Even though this is challenging, I believe that Student Composed Schedule weeks gave me the knowledge and the experience to show me what this would be like, which I am very happy about.

Now that you’ve been out in the “real” world, how has your view of ISB changed?

Now that I’ve seen what gymnasium is like, ISB seems more…childish. Yet it was great to be able to enjoy every lesson while learning.  In this school, teachers don’t try “playful-learning,” which could get relatively boring.