ISB and COVID-19

Current status

As per government regulations announced 29 December and extended on 13 January, Primary and Middle School students will have distance learning until February 4th.  Kindergarten students may come to campus as usual.

Below you will find our up-to-date FAQ for parents, which includes information about what to do if your child is sick, rules about travelling, and how we are following the required health guidelines.

Below that you will find archived information about our distance learning programme, which ran from 16 March to 15 May. We hope this may be of use to other schools still in lockdown.

For up-to-date information about coronavirus itself, and the Danish authorities’ response to the pandemic, please visit and

The following MYP and Primary distance learning programmes are up to date and will be in use from 4-15 January.

Playful distance learning at ISB

On 14 May, following several weeks of questions and positive responses to our social media posts, we decided to hold a Q&A about our (playful) distance learning programme.  The teaser is above, and below you’ll find the full sessions, hosted by Ollie Bray from the LEGO Foundation and featuring several ISB teachers. An overview of the shutdown timeline and some basic logistical information is farther down the page.