ISB expands – again!

In 2013 the international school in Billund, the Capital of Children, opened its doors for 60 students. Since then, the International School of Billund has grown, and today there are 450 students – and many on the waiting list. Next week the school celebrates its 10th school year, and a part of the celebration will be the news of the expansion from 2 to 3 classes per grade level, over the next number of years.

The expansion comes after several years with a waiting list at ISB, a positive growth for many international companies in Billund and the Triangle Region, as well as the establishment of a new part of Billund, Travbyen.



“ISB’s first 10 years rest on many people’s will and efforts, commitment and belief in the project, and I would like to say THANK YOU to students, families – former and current, all staff members at the school, business partners, Billund city and municipality for a fantastic collaboration. Together we have created a change for many children, and even inspired others with learning through play”, says Camilla Uhre Fog, Head of ISB.

ISB is an attractive school for those who want and need an international primary and middle school education. The school achieved its IB accreditation in 2015 (in record time!), making ISB one of five schools in Denmark to offer both IB Primary Years Programme and IB Middle Years Programme. The IB, International Baccalaureate, is an internationally recognised curriculum, created for children and families living and working internationally.


 The Board of ISB is also happy about the expansion.
“As the Chair of the Board it makes me happy, that – with the expansion – we can welcome even more students and families who need an international education and we can give more students an opportunity to learn through play”, says Momme Mailund, Chairman of the Board at ISB.

Back in 2015, it was decided to expand from the originally planned one class per grade level, to two classes per year level. Already then, ISB was developing its Pedagogy of Play, a pedagogy supporting the desire for students to learn through play. The research and practice carried out at ISB has attracted attention both nationally and internationally.

A lot was at risk back then – and now.

“An expansion of the school from 2-3 classes per grade level (from P1-M5) marks the beginning of yet another exciting chapter for ISB. Even though this time the expansion and remodeling will be built on solid experience, an important part of the school’s DNA will always be to dare to try out new things and to be curious”, says Camilla Uhre Fog, Head of ISB.

The expansion of the International School of Billund is supported by the LEGO Foundation.


  • The Kindergarten at ISB is not a part of the expansion.
  • The expansion to three classes on all year levels, is expected to be ready by August 2025. An extra class will be added to the two lower year levels (P1 and P2) as soon as August 2023.
  • There are currently more than 54 different nationalities represented at ISB.